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What do we do?

Our Customer Service team goes through an extensive training to deep dive into the services offered by Luko, in order for them to become expert in insurance and our services. This combined with the proactiveness of our teams translates into a service which can provide rapid and precise answers to solve our clients demands.

Everyone at Luko gets to do at least one session of customer care during their onboarding. This is the way we found to bring all employees closer to our main stakeholder, creating a link to the core of our mission.

What are the results so far?

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What’s the plan tomorrow?

There is always room for improvement. For the year of 2022, we have integrated a team of user-research to dig even deeper into the pain points faced by our customers, which will allow us to improve both our product and how we communicate it. On our Claims management we are working proactively on any type of bottlenecks that might delay the handling process. Finally, on the customer service side our teams are expanding to tackle the same quality of our growing client base.

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