Please be aware that due to Luko's integration into the Allianz Direct group, not all the information presented in this guide has been updated yet.

<aside> 💡 TL;DR ⏰ Duration: 45 minutes 🗃 Format: Screening call interview (video call) 🗒 Preparation: Be comfortable with using the S/TAR method


What is it about?

The introductory or screening call is the first interview of our hiring process. Essentially this is a brief job interview that has 2 main purposes :

What should you expect?

<aside> 🏗️ Structure It will be a mix of conversations and Q&A


Depending on the role, the screening interview will happen either with the hiring manager (potential manager) or with the Talent Acquisition Manager. This is a 45-min interview focused on getting to know each other.

We will spend part of the interview :

Part of the interview is also dedicated to presenting Luko, the position in more detail and the hiring process.

Finally, we will also clarify any questions you might have.