Please be aware that due to Luko's integration into the Allianz Direct group, not all the information presented in this guide has been updated yet.

<aside> 💡 TL;DR ⏰ Duration: 45 minutes 🗃 Format: Lukofit Interview (video call) 🗒 Preparation: Read Luko’s values and be comfortable with using the S/TAR method


In February 2024, Luko joins Allianz Direct, the digital pan-European subsidiary of the Allianz Group. Although, everything you can read below is still accurate ;)

What is it about?

The Lukofit interview is the last step of our hiring process. It’s an opportunity for both you and the Luko team to evaluate if there’s a match between our values and work culture and also answer any questions you might have regarding our culture, policies and work style. This interview has two specific purposes :

What should you expect?

<aside> 🏗️ Structure It will be a mix of conversations and Q&A


This interview is done by a Talent Acquisition Manager from Luko’s People team or one of our culture ambassadors. This is a 45-min interview focused on getting to know each other better on a non-technical level.

We will spend part of the interview :

What do we expect?

This is the final step in our interview process so we expect you’ll have a good understanding of the position you are applying for, the team you’ll be part of and understand the basics of Luko’s working culture and values.

We also expect you to prepare through the STAR Method a couple of past situations you’ve experienced at work that can give us a clear idea about who you are as a person (how you handle responsibilities, conflict, hardship, successes or demands). We want to get to know the real YOU!

Finally, we expect you to go over our Open Handbook once again, and ask us any questions you might have about Luko.